Loving safe homes help brave survivors thrive.

The Twelve Thousand Film is raising $5 million to build new safe homes and expand prevention programs in Nepal.

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Traffickers prey on rural uneducated villages, manipulating and selling kids as slaves. We work to prevent trafficking through hosting educational presentations and sponsoring rural students to attend public schools.

We understand the unique challenges facing survivors as they reintegrate back into society. Over the last 20 years, we’ve restored more than 600 children who are now living healthy, whole lives.



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Years working in recovery and prevention in Nepal.


Women and children
restored in our safe homes.


Survivors reintegrated into independent lives.


Views of our preventative films in rural communities.


We believe every survivor of human trafficking deserves a loving home.

Our safe homes function like family. Through love and care, we help survivors work through trauma and heal alongside children of all ages. We are committed to healing: many children arrive at 15 years old and live in our homes for 8 to 10+ years.

Children have the opportunity to be educated, discover who they want to be and to pursue their dreams. When they are ready for independence as young adults, we empower them as our extended family with continued support and care.


Sex traffickers prey on uneducated rural villages, manipulating the truth and luring children into slavery. Without education about the process of how trafficking occurs, children are left unprotected and vulnerable. 

Our social workers hike for days into rural villages to share educational films about the dangers of trafficking with hundreds of people at a time. Additionally, we sponsor supplies needed for kids to attend public schools: a proven way to reduce the potential of trafficking.

Our programs prevent trafficking through education and empowerment.

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Your donations will help us build new safe homes for brave survivors.

Partner with us to change lives through restoration and prevention.

Prevent thousands of children from being trafficked

Restore dignity to the abused

Provide educational opportunities

Show children they are worthy of freedom and care

Support at-risk family members of survivors

Provide counselling and holistic healthcare

Your donations will help build new safehome facilities in Nepal.

Help us prevent human trafficking and restore survivors in Nepal.

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