Join the fight to prevent trafficking and restore survivors.

Protecting the vulnerable in Nepal through safe homes and anti-trafficking programs.

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12,000 children are lured from Nepal and sold into sex trafficking every year.

At 12 years old, Sona was taken from Nepal and sold into forced-prostitution. The Twelve Thousand is a short film about her true story.

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Our survivors want to live independent, successful lives, but they need a safe space to heal. Our multiple safehomes currently care for over 200 children and have restored more than 600 in our history. 

Traffickers prey on rural uneducated villages, manipulating kids into slavery. We prevent trafficking through educational programs and school sponsorships in rural communities where kids are most at-risk.



For the last 20 years, we’ve restored survivors and worked to prevent trafficking in Nepal.

We've restored over 600 women and children in our safe homes.

But now, we're asking for your help. 

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Our safe homes are at-capacity. 

Our staff and our hearts have the capacity to restore more survivors of abuse. But our safe home facilities don't.

We're building new safe homes to increase our capacity to care for brave survivors.

We are called to restore hundreds of survivors, and work to prevent the trafficking of thousands.

we must do more.

we can't do it without you.

We're raising $5 million to build multiple safe homes and expand prevention work in Nepal. We're asking 12,000 people to donate $35/month to help us reach our goal.



Giving $35

a month,
for one year

giving generously

raising $5 million to
build new safe homes


12,000 people

Become one of 12,000 donors building new safe homes in Nepal.


How Your Donations Are Making an Impact

Restoring dignity to the abused through long-term care

Providing educational opportunities in private schools and colleges

Showing children they are worthy of freedom and love

Supporting at-risk family members of survivors

Providing counselling and healthcare

Preventing thousands of children from being trafficked

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Give the gift of dignity and hope to survivors.

Donate now to build a new safe home for survivors in Nepal.

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